Saunders/James   stage name

DJ  J ANGEL DJ/Producer

Was raised as a young boy in a small town outside Kilkenny City Ireland.

Jimmy's first love of the electronic dance music scene all started at the age of nineteen years old.
In 1990 he decided to make his first visit to Australia for a year and that’s where Jimmy came across his first love for Dance Music.

Jimmy was asked to see Inner City live and being introduced to Jazzy B/ Soul to Soul decided he would take the step in time.

After one year Jimmy came back to Ireland for three years and the made that big step to immigrate.

Jimmy decided to immigrate to the UK and after time working in stores such as HARRODS and part time in the stock market in Bishops Gate, He Decided that Dance Music was going to play a part in his Future.

Jimmy Was given his Break as a DJ in Watford Hertfordshire at The HEAVEN Club under the alias STEPTOE.

His first sets were primary  HOUSE music but the year that followed DRUM’n BASS hit the plan. For a further three years Jimmy was asked to play clubs such as the SW1, Camden Palace and managed to play AWOL Islington London and many more events.

During the nineties Jimmy worked alongside some of the best MC's in the business in drum'n Bass and was always being asked to dj house sets in both club and radio alike got his house calling again as a regular set in heaven under the arches london and close to the end of the nineties got his first break in the ministry of sound chill out room from 1996 to 1999.

In 2000 Jimmy traveled to Australia for the second time and found himself Djing in Sydney N.S.W in such clubs as THE SUGGER REEF kings cross where he met up with some DJ collages from London and worked Oxford Street and Darlinghurst  NSW

In Jimmy’s own words It was really amazing to be able to DJ in the country that introduced me to the dance scene and especially to catch up with the friends that I knew before I ever knew I was going to be a part of the dance scene.

After coming back to the UK in September of 2000 Jimmy took a three year Break after his son was Born and by the end of 2003 Jimmy re emerged and re launched under the allies DJ  J ANGEL.
As time went on 2007 Jimmy decided to Create Music for himself and that’s the real exciting part,

Jimmy did a years course with Point Blank collage London.

He purposely left djing for that whole year to Concentrate on Learning Music Production

Jimmy's own words - I had so many Ideas I could have burst and it was a new beginning and a whole new ball game. I spent that year so excited I was now really making things happen and what I mean is it was now my turn to show what really came from the heart.

Jimmy's first albums

After working on a few releases with other labels and getting his feet firmly on the ground with regards solid club sounds direct from the recordings studio.


Jimmy’s 2007/08 Albums (LIVE) (CHANGES) (THIS IS NO MYSTERY) were a taste of real success in the UK Germany Australia France and the US under the Mystery Records Label.

In 2012 Jimmy released the first album through Onebass9 Recordings titled


SECRETS IN HOUSE is packed with what you would expect from any world class album as Jimmy took on guests on the album to show case their work.

On the cd2 from the album every single that is on the mix was produced and mixed by Jimmy and he was given full rights to cut Rihanna and JZ and on the album you will hear Jimmy on keybords, strings not to mention all beats were created by Jimmy and onebass9.


Jimmy has since gone on to make countless tracks that have been played on radio and in Clubs the world over in both drum'n bass and house not to mention his work on jazz lounge and break beat tracks which can esp be heard on his latest album IN DEEP.

His most famous HOUSE tracks to name but a few were as follows: (BIG LOVE) (SECRETS IN HOUSE) (INFATUATION) (BAD HABITTS)


Famous Drum'n Bass singles include: (BASS EYE) (SURVIAL) (INNERSENSEOn Dub -


Labels all over the world have contracted Jimmy to make tracks on there behalf.
Jimmy Has enjoyed working with Adam Strange, Pete Bury, Anna Dempsey, Dave Thornton and may others along the way, and has met some of the best in the business business such as Micky Finn, Nicky Black Market, Ray Keith, LTJ Bukem, Jamiroquai and many more.

Since 2008 to the present day Jimmy has released fife albums and since becoming the proud owner of onebass9 recordings he has released two house albums such as (SECRETS IN HOUSE) and the latest house album (IN DEEP) and is currently working on his first drum'n bass album since 2008

Jimmy’s own words

There isn’t much I haven't seen in this business but will say the music scene has changed so much in the past five years alone. It can be very demanding and if you step away from the game for time you will find changes that shock you.

You just have to keep yourself up to date with everything around you.
I hope my music will stand the ground for the future but realy enjoy looking and still learning from the new technology that keeps me in this world

I am very proud of being apart of what I do because it is the love of the music,

that comes first.

After completing my last albums SECRETS IN HOUSE and IN DEEP here we are in 2014 and am currently working on a five month Drum'n Bass project and am delighted that the singles (HANGING ON) which will be out on video soon (KIND oF MAGIC) (My Own Time) are almost complete.

 The new sounds of drum'n bass are being created and they will all have a sweet mellow jazz feel and all sounds will be created by myself.

I will be adding these tracks to my next album which will be out in june and will be my first drum'n bass album since 2008 so very exciting times ahead.

Future Projects

Will include Jazz Lounge, Break beat, House and Drum'n Bass tracks direct from ONEBASS Music.

There will be many vidoes and Interviews and Guests to follow in the very near future.

Onebass9 Recordings would like to thank all our supporters for the amazing following you have shown us in the past present and future.

onebass9 recordings