Welcome to the new album IN DEEP by JIMMY SAUNDERS.

What can we say about this, well plenty, with some amazing work Jimmy has bought together a selection of House, Break beat, and Jazz fusion to the table and this is it.

The 1st CD out of this double pack album is jammed with solid tunes direct from the debts of onebass9 recordings which also include guests such as CAUSE N EFFECT, OWEN BEGLEY, MICKEY SOULFUL HOUSE and of course JIMMY SAUNDERS.

The 2nd CD will have tracks such as SOLOMAN DEEP and a remix of BAD HABITTS which you will remember from last years album SECRETS IN HOUSE.

What ever your taste this album has a solid trade mark for the future of its kind for a long time to come and we are very proud it.

This album will be played again and again so enjoy and thank you for your custom.

For more Track Samples of IN DEEP check out our video link below:

Please rem THIS IS A PHYSICAL CD SALE so please allow 2 weeks for your order.

For more track samples of IN DEEP check out our video link below.

You will not be disappointed


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