Well for those who know Jimmy’s involvement with dance music remember his dj skills in London from the SW1 Club ,SAMANTHAS, not to mention AWOL and many more in drum’n bass also in 1995/96/97 not to mention the flowing number of HOUSE clubs that jimmy played in especially HEAVEN, THE END and MINISTRY OF SOUND IN 1997 IN THE Chill Bar, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Okinawa- Shi Okinawa Japan and many more.

Radio stations include DAWN FM, FANTACY FM, PULSE FM, Kiss 100.

1st Production releases Drum’n Bass Albums (LIVE), (CHANGES), then the long awaited Breakbeat and Jazz Lounge double album under the Mystery Records Owned label (THIS IS NO MYSTERY

Singles released include Drum’n Bass (BASS EYE) (FUTURE POWER) (MOVING SHADDOW) (SURVIVAL) (TRAP) and many more


(FOR THE LOVE OF DANCE) and many more.

Now the future has opened new doors and The Big sounds of his New Label ONEBASS9 Recordings will take on the future in Drum’n Bass, Berakbeat Jazz Lounge and House music with sounds that are made direct from ONEBASS9 Recordings.

So it looks like there is plenty more to come.






Liga has played a major role with ONEBASS9 Recordings from the start. Not only has she takin up the art of djing and production but helping with marketing and bookings and making things happen within the studioes of OB9. Liga has  helped forward us using past skills from simular roles in promotion and is always pushing us to bring the sounds of what we do here to the extream.

Liga will be brining out hard dance herself in 2012 and will always be part of what needs to be achived.

It is an honour to have her along side us and will say the future is bright for Liga





Tristan has been involved in distribution for some time and has worked alongside some very big lables in the UK

Now Tristan is helping alongsde with engineering he has the skills to build a rocket launcher and will be teaming up with others in the backround to make that sound lilke it was intended.

Tristan has been involved in the  music industry for many years and has worked in Engineering and distribution for many famous organizations up and down the UK

He has worked along side with our good friend 

 Dave Thornton: London To Birmingham (Ibiza Project)

It is a pleasure to have a real master with us


Ashley has been a god send for ONEBASS9 and was responsible for some of the best EP artwork to date. When ever art work is required Ashley is there at a moments notice and always has the freshest ideas to hand.

CRITICAL DEEP, JAMIN, BASS INTERLUDE and much more has come from the mind of Ahley, but also you can see Ashley DJ in london and beyond playing only with the best but has proved his way as a top designer regards digital artwork, shall we just say a pure assett to the team.




Paul Ashmore

Well what can I say, when looking for someone who gives you the best advise for the finishing touches and crisp quality for the label Paul was the choice of the rest of the team.

Paul has worked relentlessly to ensure quality is standard for the label and has always measured up to the mark at a moment's notice.

Paul has his owen company now audioanimals and has worked with clients such as Random Concept ( drum and bass label ) Ragga Twins ( jungle ragga mc’s ) Dead Exit ( chrissy chris radio 1 ) to name but a few.

We are lucky to have him with us for a long time to come.





Nick Burchall

In the middle of the lot, Nick has bought it together with paul when it comes to mastering and vinyl arrangement he is the man.

Working alongside Paul in Audio Animals, the boys are there at a moments notice and it's a case of having the best on the scene and with top mastering skills and mixing down tracks, no better guys than Nick & Paul and the team from our top studio in London.

Onebass9 wouldn't  be one of the best without the best and we are so grateful for Nick's skill and expertise.

onebass9 recordings